Web Design Auckland.

dag.net.nz is an Auckland based Web Designer that has been designing websites for clients since 2008. The list of clients is removed currently, while we are not taking on other work.

Web Design and Web Development are actually quite distinct processes, and require different skill-sets. One of the important things to consider when starting out with a new web property or app is, what is it going to achieve?

Many Internet applications serve a marketing function primarily, promoting a business or providing information about a professional service. Other Web Designs have a greater emphasis on dynamic content, or complex functionality like an online store, or delivery tracking.

Determining the key outcomes for your website is therefore crucial to increased efficiency, and minimizing cost.

Some of the benefits dag.net.nz are renowned for are:

Looking at this page you might be wondering, how we can claim beauty with so little attention paid to graphic design... this is intentional.

The primary purpose of this site is content, i.e. text describing the business. Looking beautiful is secondary to achieving relevance for our website in terms of the content of the sites words (or copy). Having light pages with mainly text and few images achieves this by maintaining the high-availability of the website across devices. Without images to slow it down, pages load faster, and work better in mobile devices or where the Internet connection is slow.